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Episode III: Oddfríða and Bent Johnny – “Barnavognurin skiftur um við eina kistu” (‘The pram exchanged for a coffin’)

“Carrying my son into a car and driving him from the church were the heaviest steps I’ve ever taken. We simply couldn’t bring ourselves to say goodbye. It became more of a ‘we’ll see each other again’.”– Bent Johnny Olsen, part III.

In the third episode of our podcast series we hear about how it can feel to lose an infant.

Oddfríða Weihe and Bent Johnny Olsen lost their little son Marni completely unexpectedly in the summer of 2020. How did it affect them as a family to lose Marni? And how are they trying to carry on living with grief as part of their daily life?

In the episode they also describe their immense love of their son and the grief of losing him so early. They also talk very openly about what it was like to return to daily life and become pregnant again.

We also ask Frida Poulsen, a psychologist at Berin, about how one as a couple can support each other in such a difficult situation, and whether it’s possible to find hope in something as meaningless as losing an infant.