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Episode I: Sólvá – “Sorgin byrjaði, tá babba bleiv sjúkur” (‘The grief started when daddy got ill’)

‘When the disease was diagnosed it was totally clear that this was a disease daddy would die of. It created a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and helplessness. None of us had any answer to anything, but it was important for us as a family to try to face the uncertainty together.’
– Sólvá Hjaltalin Olsen, episode I

In this first episode of our podcast series about grief, we hear about what it is like to be a child and young person with a seriously ill parent. We hear Sólvá Hjaltalin Olsen explain how it affected her life when her father suddenly became seriously ill. How they as a family tried to be there for each other in that distressing and challenging period, which was marked by a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and helplessness.