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What do you do in counselling?

Berin offers both counselling for support and guidance as well as therapy. Counselling is offered by the psychologists who work at Berin. Initially we offer 10 counselling sessions, and after these sessions we will assess whether more are needed. One hour is reserved for each counselling session. If you are under 18 one of your next of kin will usually be part of the course of counselling, but never without your knowledge. We emphasise that the conversations are rooted in your wishes and the challenges you experience in connection with grief. The counselling sessions take place at Berin’s cosy premises in Niels Finsens gøta in Tórshavn.

How much does it cost to have counselling?

The counselling and therapy we offer is free of charge and there is no requirement for a doctor’s referral.

How do I sign up?

You can schedule a counselling session by calling or writing to Berin or you can ask someone else to contact Berin for you. You will then be invited to an introductory conversation, possibly with your parents/next of kin and based on that conversation you can decide whether you would like to take part in what we offer.